Let’s start a blog

Clearly I do not have enough going on, I figured I might as well start a blog. Or I am procrastinating working on homework. The world may never know.

So what adventures is Lightning currently engaged in? Well school for one. Only 26 more days until graduation #1. I will officially be a college graduate with an Associates in Applied Science for Administration of Justice. That’s a mouthful, eh? I am definitely excited for a break from homework and more time for adventures!

Another adventure I am engaged in is the search for Aluminum free deodorant. Sounds strange, but this is important. My bestie texted me a week or so ago and said that I should switch my deodorant to one without Aluminum as that ingredient could be linked to an increase in breast cancer. (The internet cannot confirm this one way or the other, but since my bestie is a nurse, I listen when she speaks.)  So this blog post will get you updated to where I am on this search.

The first deodorant that I tried was Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting unscented deodorant.



Most days when I wore this deodorant, at the end of the day, I smelled like I hadn’t put any deodorant on. Embarrassing! I thought, there have to be other and better options out there. A trip to Whole Foods told me that there were several other choices, but they were all expensive. So I decided to check Sprouts next. Jackpot! Other options that were cheaper than Whole Foods.

So the next one I tried was Desert Essence Tropical Breeze Deodorant. I love the smell of this one, it smells like the beach! I have worn it all day today and keep smelling my armpits, and so far, we have success! I am going to have to thoroughly test this one and wear it for a hardcore workout. The final verdict of this one will be posted soon.


Now you are updated on my current adventures. I shall see you soon with more!


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