We have a winner!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have found my deodorant! I am glad that this search did not take a very long time. I was surprised as the response I got from my first post. Who knew that deodorant was such a hot topic?? I even had a friend text me to tell me that they have been searching for an aluminum free deodorant for about a year now!

While I still enjoy the Desert Essence from the last post, I am generally a very active person and I need a deodorant that will keep up with my active lifestyle. Well here it is! Kiss My Face Active Life Deodorant.


They make several different scents as well as unscented. And there are no white marks! This is something that I have noticed with all of the natural deodorants that I tried and that is a huge plus! (Am I right ladies who love to wear black?) This deodorant lasted through a walk to get lunch and an outdoor wedding in the 80 some degree weather without having to reapply! While this one works well for me, it may not work well for you. Let me know which ones you have tried and which ones worked or didn’t work for you!

Also, on my walk to lunch, I saw the following sign, in case anyone is really good at the Cheebacca roar, I figured I would share to give you a chance to win. I am not sure the validity of this contest, but for entertainment purposes, the sign was amusing.


Ta-ta for now! On to find my next adventure!



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