Broken Phone= Possiblities

Well friends, I have broken my (semi) new phone and now must live without one for a few days. We activated my old shattered phone so I have an alarm clock and a way to contact people in case of emergencies, but there will be no texting and interneting. Whatever shall I do? We as a people have become very attached and dependent on our phones. I don’t think that we realize how much time we waste blanking scrolling through a Facebook newsfeed or playing a game just to pass the time.

So for the next few days, I plan on being productive. Every time I miss my phone, I think I should do 5 burpees or something to pass the time I would have been staring at my screen. But here are my goals since my time will need to be filled:

  • Finish reading my book that I started in August. (School got in the way)
  • Finish unpacking
  • Workout (like really workout, not just some little sheet of workouts I found on Pinterest)
  • Be present in the moment with company.
  • Look in a cookbook for recipes (or one of the 30 food magazines that I have)

I was just thinking about how it is going to suck to run without my GPS telling me how far I went, but I realized that I have a running Garmin from a couple years ago that will work just fine. I won’t have music to listen to on the run, but that probably isn’t a bad thing.

The thing I think that I am most upset about though is that I won’t have my music or audiobooks to listen to while I work. I like the distraction especially at 5am when I am struggling to wake up. This is going to be an interesting experience. Wish me luck!

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