Updates and boxed meals

First and foremost, I have news! I was accepted to Team SunRype this year! I guess I should explain. I am a runner. Not the best runner and some races are better than others, but I have been running for too many years to count now. I started running when my cousin asked me if I wanted to run a half marathon. I said okay and registered. Mind you, at that point, I had not even run a 5k yet! Now many moons and 14 half marathons later, I am still hitting the pavement on the semi-regular (not so much recently because life had gotten in the way and I live in the desert). Ever since I started running, I have had a running sponsor (Marathon Bars, Aquaphor, SwirlGear and Eternal Water in the past). Running and these sponsorships have helped me meet many amazing people and build some awesome friendships with people (some of whom I have never actually met but couldn’t imagine my social media life without them). So there it is! It looks like this girl will be needing to get her booty back into shape! Be on the lookout for giveaways of SunRype strips in the near future!


Now for boxed meals. I am sure many of you have heard of the meal delivery services such as Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef and more. I decided before I moved into my new house that I would try some of them to see what they were all about and see if it made cooking easier. As I order and try them, I will be posting pictures and writing reviews.

My first service I tried was Hello Fresh! I purchased a Groupon for a one week, three meals for 2 people plan. With a coupon code, I got it for roughly $32.00. The package arrived on a Saturday and sadly the mail carrier did not ring the doorbell. Luckily, Hello Fresh! plans for that and the food is packed in an insulated cardboard box with many reusable ice packs. When unpacking the box, make sure you check UNDER the ice packs for your meat! Also, if you have a meal with spinach, make that meal first.

I did enjoy the convenience of having all the food delivered to my door. They provide you with recipe cards that you can reuse and make these recipes again later. They also pack each meal in its own separate smaller box, so you don’t have to find the ingredients later. The meals were fairly quick (30-45 minutes) and they were pretty great! If you do not like the meals that are selected for you, you have a few other options to change them too. So far, they set the bar pretty high for meal delivery services. Check out the pictures!


Oh! I almost forgot, you can order a free meal to try it (but remember, this is a subscription service so it will automatically renew if you do not cancel it. Cancelling is easy, you just sign into your account and can cancel it online). I ordered a free meal for my beau- steak, potatoes and peppercorn sauce. It was our favorite meal! I am not sure where the picture went, but trust me, it was a thing of beauty. That recipe card is being kept for sure!

Up next is Blue Apron. Review and pictures will be posted once all the recipes are made.

Well I am off to a baseball game. The anniversary of my birth is coming up. My email has exploded with so many freebies, I am excited to be getting older! Remind me to post my 30 before 30 list. Also, I need one more idea for my list, so feel free to comment with some!

Until next time!



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