I missed this.

I missed this.

Today, I went for a run. Well not a run, I ran in a race. I have been too afraid to run recently. Afraid of what people will think of me, afraid to be judged. I haven’t had a chance to train between work and school and it’s definitely starting to show.

I was supposed to have a race last weekend, but fear got the better of me. During the week, I noticed a lot of things. I noticed my beau who thinks that he is out of shape (I don’t agree with his thoughts, I of course think that he is always perfect), go out and play softball every Thursday. And he kills it every time. I realized that other people in my running groups online, post pictures from races, regardless of how they look. Because they are proud of themselves for accomplishing something and they are not concerned with that others are thinking of them.

So this morning, I got up at 5am and went to my race. The Race Fore Cancer with Startline Racing. I ran into some people that I used to see at these races. They all welcomed me back with no judgements and we chatted about why I have been MIA from the running season for a while. During the race, I had other runners cheering for me as I ran past them or as we crossed paths during the out and back sections. I didn’t realize how much I missed the atmosphere until I got there. I need to make sure that I don’t lose this again.

This race was on a golf course and was super hilly. I was able to represent my running sponsor SunRype at this race and handed out a bunch of free bars. (These bars are great, if you haven’t tried them or want them to try them, let me know!) I am not a fan of running on hills, but you know what, I finished and I was not last. I am proud of myself and that is all that matters.




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