Officially done with school!

Hello all!

The time has come… I have officially completed all my undergraduate work and completed my LSAT for the second time. Final grades just got posted (all A’s for me!) I am just waiting for my LSAT score and then we can explore how I studied for that (if my score was an improvement from last time. I don’t want to be giving advice if I wasn’t really successful).

I am still deciding if I am going to walk during graduation or not. I am leaning more towards not doing it. I will walk during my law school graduation and I feel like if that is the only graduation I walk at, it is even more special.

I took this week off of work to relax and focus on some self care. What’s this “self care” thing you may wonder. And I did too for quite some time. Too many times we are focused on our goals or work or family and making sure that everyone around us is happy and healthy that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Self care looks different for everyone, but it’s something that you do for your mental and physical well being.

For me, self care began with a massage. It has been over a year and a half since I got one and I was desperately in need. I went to Massage Envy and really enjoyed my time there, however the front desk staff really pushes the “membership” thing and never really fully explained what it was and what you get out of it. My thought is, if you want a massage, check out Groupon. There are amazing deals on there! After my massage, my friend and I went off to enjoy a healthy lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. Sweet Tomatoes is a salad bar type of restaurant. They have soup and baked potatoes and pasta as well. Then we split up for a little bit to take care of some things we have been wanting to do. For me, I chopped off 12 inches of hair to donate to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program and she went to get her nails done as she is newly engaged.

Taking this time off of work has allowed me to clean my whole house, while having enough time to finish season 3 of Jane the Virgin. (When does season 4 start?!). I was able to ride my bike to visit some food trucks and ride my bike to the grocery store (something I have wanted to do since I got this bike with it’s giant basket on the end!). I was able to finish two books and have started on my third one already. And I still have time for writing in my blog, making my budget and doing some baking. I may even pull out my sewing machine! It’s only the 7th of December. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the month has in store!