It’s time to talk about the LSAT! Are you currently studying for the LSAT? How is it going? Don’t feel bad if you feel overwhelmed and feel like you are biting off everyone’s head around you. I know when I was studying, people being in the same room as me breathing set me off. Luckily, those people love me enough they are still around now that I am done studying.


When I was studying for the LSAT, I was going to work full time and working full time as well. I certainly don’t recommend that. I do not feel that I was able to dedicate the time to studying that I would have liked. I chose to self study since it worked better for my schedule as well as my budget. Obviously, I am not saying that was worked for me will work for you. The books I used were Exam Krackers LSAT. I liked the way these books were broken down by each section. The books walked you through each question type, common ways to try to distract you from the correct answer, step by step guide to get to the right answer and had plenty of practice questions in it. I got it from Amazon for under $80 at the time and that seemed way more appealing than the thousand dollar price tag of a program.

Here are some of my tips if you chose to self study:

  • Schedule time for studying. Put it on your calendar or planner. Don’t put it off.
  • Take breaks. I did an hour of studying, then took a 20 minute break.
  • Take time for yourself. It might seem like you don’t have time, but it is important not to forget about yourself while studying.



Taking the Test

It’s time to take the test! You can do it! Trust yourself and your studying.

  • Take the night before the test off of studying. There is nothing that you can learn the last night that is going to change the results of your test.
  • Do something to help you relax- yoga, bubble bath, family game night. Whatever your thing is!
  • Make sure to eat a good meal and get a good night’s rest.
  • I recommend packing your gallon size Ziploc bag the night before so you aren’t stressed the morning of the test. Don’t forget your:
    • Number two pencils
    • Pencil sharpener
    • eraser with no sleeve
    • highlighter
    • analog watch
    • snack
    • water bottle with no label
  • Put your clothes out the night before so you aren’t stressing over anything. Dress so you are comfortable, wear layers to plan for temperature changes. When I took the test, the room was a million degrees, then it was zero degrees.
  • Breathe! You got this!

Good luck!


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